About Me

Hi there! My name is Heather and I’m Pastor’s Kid. Since the day I was born, I have been a Pastor’s Kid. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Pastor’s Kids are actual people – sometimes I’m convinced that some see us as different species. But, I can promise you, we are not. We are very much just like the rest of you…but we just happen to answer to the name “the Pastor’s kid”. So, because this is my blog, and because I can, I’ll introduce myself to you.

I’m Heather, and it’s nice to meet you! Thank you and congratulations for reaching paragraph two! I hope I haven’t put you off yet.

I’ve been on this planet for twenty-three years and I don’t feel ready, or qualified enough, to be referred to as an adult. In fact, writing this blog is just another method of procrastination against entering the real world, for just a little while longer. I love all things theatrical and film-y. I know every single word to the musical Les Miserables; I never get tired to watching re-runs of Friends; Disney World is my happy place; and sometimes I feel like the TV show The Middle is based on my life.

In many ways, I’m just like any other young adult – I like visiting new places, I like meeting new people, I love spending time with my family and friends, and I want to get as much enjoyment as I can out of life. But I’m also awkward, and shy, and usually have to fake some confidence until it actually does decide to make an appearance.

But then, not matter how much I try to convince myself that I’m just the same as everyone else – I know I’m not. For starters, I’m a Christian, which immediately sets you out as different from the world. Which is exactly what the Bible tells us we should be (see Romans 12:2) – so I’m not exactly worried about that. But there is one further thing that sets me out as different, even from those within the Church. I’m a part of an exclusive club – I am a Pastor’s Kid.

As a Pastor’s Kid, and even as a Christian young person, it is so easy to feel like you are “the only one”. Looking back on my years growing up in a Church manse, I can only recall a handful of times that I ever met another Pastor’s Kid. And the sense of excitement when you finally found another one of these seemingly rare species of human was overwhelming, and you had to mentally put yourself in check to try and not scare this stranger. But, you knew you weren’t going to be strangers for long because…you were a Pastor’s Kid. And Pastor’s Kids know things and can relate to things that no-one else can.

Heading into my late teens, and particularly my early twenties, just like I can only recall a handful of fellow Pastor’s Kids, it’s a sad state of affairs that the search to find solid Christian young people my age has been, and continues to be, just as hard. And just like being a Pastor’s Kid, being a Christian young person in a world that mocks God and those who seek to follow him is a challenge that often leaves you feeling alone, isolated…that you are, in fact, “the only one”. And so, my purpose in writing this blog is to let you know: I’ve been there, I know how it feels, you are not alone.

I think it’s about time that we Christians and Pastor’s Kids need to band together. It’s time for a little encouragement. And it’s time for us to stop feeling alone.

So, hey, I’m Heather. And it’s really nice to have you here. I hope you’ll come back again 🙂